US blood money should be better spent

President Obama recently made a budget proposal with the usual ridiculous ideas that have come to seem normal from the White House over the past seven years, such as reallocating Environmental Protection Agency funding in… Continued

Pies should be triangles not circles

Last month was the annual celebration of Pi Day, an important holiday that’s enjoyed worldwide by math enthusiasts. Interestingly, people who develop severe allergic reactions to a simple 2+2=4 math problem also celebrate Pi Day… Continued

Fuck all the readers

Dear reader: Fuck you. Fuck you in your fucking face, you fucking fuck. No, seriously. The Rectangle Editorial Board hates every single one of you who wastes space on this planet, and each and every… Continued

High tuition should make you happy

Every so often Drexel University notifies us that we owe them money. Of course payment of this money is optional. The other option is to stop attending classes and become the next Steve Jobs. But… Continued