Bernie can still win the presidency

It’s certainly a dark time we live in now. I know things are looking bleak – well-respected media outlets are saying things like “President Trump,” and “the president, Donald, Trump.” Many people surveyed even think… Continued

127 hours of gaming later

Like most of you reading this, I go to Drexel. And you know what that means — papers, stress, hallucinations derived from sleep deprivation and caffeine-induced heart attacks. I have three papers that are due… Continued


Journalism is a lie. Reality isn’t really reality at all. Everything you think you know is probably wrong because papers all over the world have been deceiving the public for decades on behalf of Russia,… Continued

Fuck it, I’m free ballin’.

  As I was watching the news today, I was appalled when my vision was accosted with the image of women running around with their nipples out. Their nipples! Can you believe it? That’s so… Continued

Let’s not lie: #Nolivesmatter

I have heard the plebeians grumbling recently about some debate between the hashtags #blacklivesmatter and #alllivesmatter, with some arguing as to which better describes the state of different humans at this juncture. How cute. Once… Continued