Top 5 trends from Fashion week

Fashion week (or shall I say fashion month?) is no doubt the hottest event in the fashion industry as it spans through New York, Milan, London and Paris. Hundreds of designers showcase their seasonal collections on the runway, where top editors, buyers and celebrities view the collections. Although a lot of designers have their own individual aesthetic in their designs, there are always common trends amongst many of the different collections. This season, there were five trends that truly stood out, and are predicted to be the hottest trends this season. Here’s your inside scoop:

  1. Glamour Grinch

Hairy slippers made their runway debut at Gucci and Maison Margiela this season — and we love it. Whether you wear these loose hairy slippers at work or on the streets, we promise you that everyone will be jealous. These shoes can easily elongate your legs and add that extra touch to your outfit. So go on, get a pair today!


  1. Let them loose!

Oversized sleeves have been hot, hot, hot this season. We saw them on Kanye West’s collaboration collection with Adidas, and because of that, this trend is obviously important. According to the designer, West advises those who will try this trend to understand that, “the longer sleeve the better. In fact, the sleeves should be so incredibly long that you should look like an inflatable stick person.”

Photo courtesy of World of Wonder

Photo courtesy of World of Wonder

  1. Nipple season

You saw the #freethenipple movement all over Instagram during the past few months, and now we are officially seeing it on the runway. Freeing your nipples everyday isn’t just high fashion, it’s liberating. Thanks to our lovely designers, there are several ways to wear this trend. Hedi Slimane for Saint Laurent had one model walk down the runway wear a black one-shoulder dress, with just her left tit hanging out. If you would like to approach this trend in a more elegant way, you can refer to Valentino’s collection where one model wore a romantic red gown with only sheer tulle fabric on her chest.

Photo courtesy of Henry Wolf

Photo courtesy of Henry Wolf

  1. Can’t see my haters

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you just stopped seeing the people you hated? Well, I got a better idea. What if you can stop seeing all the people you hated by wearing a heavily embellished, customized mask with no eyeholes for you to see? We saw it on the runway at Maison Martin Margiela’s Fall 2013 Couture show, and on Kanye West when he performed on stage. Don’t worry about looking stupid in public — everyone else just wants to be you. We promise.


  1. A little pop!

With the street style culture becoming increasingly popular amongst social media (hello Tommy Ton!), every fashion week attendee is looking for different ways to stand out from the crowd with a kickass outfit just to be snapped by a street style photographer. Talk about #goals huh? Well if you’re worrying about finding an outfit that will make you stand out from the street style crowd, we got you covered. Why don’t you try on a multicolored pom-pom jacket? It’s vibrant. It’s edgy. It’s eye catching. It will give your outfit an instant pop!

Photo courtesy of Natalie McComas

Photo courtesy of Natalie McComas